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Rosenbauer CleanAir Cancer Awareness Program - Focusing on Firefighter Health

Rosenbauer Cancer Awareness Program

Rosenbauer’s Clean Cab concepts empower forward thinking departments to invest in the health of their crews and their families. Firefighters are at 9% greater risk for cancer due to exposure of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Our solutions include the CleanAir™ in-cab air scrubber, CleanLocker™ NFPA Compliant storage facility, Rapid Deploy Light Tower and Rapid Deploy Tray for quick access to rescue equipment.

Department Selected Beneficiary

Department will choose the cancer charity or patient as beneficiary.

To Qualify For Donation

New apparatus build contracts which include the CleanAir in-cab air scrubber.
Contract must be factory accepted prior to July 1, 2020. Change orders to include a CleanAir system qualify if the c/o is made before final acceptance of apparatus.

Download PDF sheet here