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Apollo™ Hi-Riser™ Single-Inlet Portable and Deck Fire Monitor

Includes 5” Storz Ground Base & Truck Flange

The Apollo Hi-Riser includes the outstanding features of the standard Apollo™ Single and Apollo™ Dual with the added benefit of height.

Use on the deck of a pumper to rise above light bars and other apparatus obstructions - without the need for extra deck mount extension devices or telescoping pipes. Simply pull a pin to elevate the nozzle 24'' above the deck.

With one step, you can easily take the Apollo Hi-Riser from deck to portable, ground operations. In portable mode, the base helps maintain stability throughout the entire operating range up to 800 gpm.


Mercury™ Quick Attack LE | Portable Fire Monitor for Direct Purchase

Hit Low, Hit Hard and Hit Far

The Mercury Quick Attack LE portable monitor sets a new standard in the market as the only portable ground monitor that meets both NFPA 1964 and EN-15767-1. Now even better than before, it hits low at 10° and far up to 250 feet at 100 psi. When seconds count, the Mercury’s compact package and light weight of 15 lbs enables swift deployment.

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