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Husky Oil Texana Dual Inlet - Dual Riser Quick Attack Unit

Delivered September 6, 2018

Texana Dual Inlet – Dual Riser Quick Attack Unit
Customer supplied 2012 Ford F150
Steel manifold with 6” interior dimension plumbing rated at 250 pounds per square inch of operating pressure
Integrated, adjustable pressure relief valve
4” interior dimension manifold risers
Two (2) Rite-Pro corrosion and chemical resistant wafer style check valves
Two (2) 6” inlets with NST/NH threads with two (2) 5” storz adapters with caps and chains, one (1) on each side
Three (3) brass/stainless steel ball valves for drainage
Two (2) Akron Brass self-educting master stream nozzles designed for educting foam at flow rates up to 2000 GPM and a maximum operating pressure at 200 PSI
Spring loaded baffle which allows flow setting selection of 750, 1000, 1500 or 2000 GPM
Quick connect, adjustable metering head with pick up rates of 1%, 3% and 6% for 750 and 1000 GPM and 1% and 3% for 1500 and 2000 GPM
Two (2) Elkhart Brass Big Stick Scorpion monitors designed for a maximum flow of 2000 GPM and a maximum pressure of 200 PSI
Additional equipment provided:
Three (3) Siamese Jumbo 5” stortz inlets each with one (1) 5” storz outlet
Two (2) high volume 25’ hoses with 5” storz adapter
Six (6) high volume 50’ hoses with 5” storz adapter
Two (2) foam pick up tubes

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