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Colwood Fire Rescue Rosenbauer T-Rex

Delivered October 2, 2015

Rosenbauer T-Rex 115'
Rosenbauer Commander 4000 4 door, 8" raised roof chassis
Cummins ISX 600 HP engine
Allison EVS-$000 transmission
23,000 lb front axle, 63,000 lb rear axles
Hale 8FG 1750 IGPM pump
No foam
Intakes: (2) 6" steamer ports, 2.5" aux inlets
Dishcarges: (4) 2.5", platform TFT monitor, (2) large diameter 4"
250 IMP Gllon water tank
Rosenbauer EXT body construction
Onan hydraulic generator 10Kw ECR1600 cable reel
Whelen TAL65 LED traffic stick
Audible Warning: Whelen 195HFS electric siren, (2) SA4301 speakers, (2) 24" air horns
Optical Warning: Whelen FN72QLED lightbar, Whelen L31H LED rotators- rear upper warning, Whelen M6 lower warning
Scene lighting: Fire Research FCA800 brow lights, Fire Research SPA900 body and cab lights, Fire Research Spectra Platform lights

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