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Hinton Rosenbauer 78' Viper SMART Aerial

Delivered March 21, 2017

Rosenbauer 78' Viper SMART Aerial
Rosenbauer Custom Commander cab and chassis, 70" cab with 8" raised roof
Welson V-Mux electrical system with dual displays
Cummins ISL 450 HP engine
Allison EVS 3000 automatic transmission
Hale QMAX-XS 1850 GPM pump
FoamPro 2002 foam system
Intakes: (2) 6" with Hale electric valves, (2) 2.5"
Discharges: (1) 1.5" bumper preconnect, (2) 1.5" speedlays, (1) 2.5" crosslay, (2) 2.5" left, (1) 2.5" rear, (1) 4" aerial supply/discharge, (2) 2.5" right
480 Gallon water tank
20 Gallon foam tank
Audible Warning: Whelen
Optical Warning: Whelen M Series with M9 LED Scene lighting
Rosenbauer 78' Viper - 750lb tip load - SMART aerial with multiple "Smart Screens"
Rosenabuer SMART Aerial with joystick control with shortjack capability
Aerial tip controls
Autobedding for Aerial
Elkhart Cobra EXM 7250 monitor with wireless remote
Smart Power HR-6 6kW Hydraulic Generator
Electric Cord Reel (200') W/ Akron Junction Box
Slide out Command Desk in the rear Crew Area with internal storage

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