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M.D. of Provost - Provost Fire Department Rosenbauer Tanker

Delivered April 16, 2015

Rosenbauer Tanker
Kenworth T880 Triple axle chassis
Cummins ISX 1.5L, 600 HP engine
Allison EVS-4500 transmission
22,000 lb front axle, 69,000 lb triple rear axle
Rosenbauer NH40 4000 LPM pump
Rosenbauer Fix Mix (high pressure) foam system and Foam Pro 1600 (standard pressure) foam system
Intakes: (2) 2.5" left side, (2) 2.5" right side
Discharges: (2) front ground sweeps, (2) rear ground sweeps, all with independent cab controls, (2) Booster reels w/ 150' hose each, TFT Tornado bumper turret, (2) 1.5" preconnects, (4) 2.5" discharges
4800 Gallon water tank, 30 gallon foam tank
Firemans Friend direct fill
Rosenbauer FX 3/16" formed and extruded aluminum body construction
Whelan TANF 85 Traffic stick
Optical Warning: Whelen Freedom Lightbar, Whelen M9 rear upper warning, whelen lower warning
Scene Lighting: Fire Research Q65 scene lights on body, Fire Research Evolution Browlight, all lights are12v

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