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Rockyford Fire Rescue Rosenbauer Tanker

Village of Rockyford Fire Rescue, Fire Chief Wayne Clyne - Delivered September 17, 2022

Peterbilt Model 567 Chassis Features:

Peterbilt Model 567 Tri-Drive Chassis
Cummins X15 605 HP / 1850 lb-ft torque @ 1150
Allison 4500 EVS Automatic Transmission
ABS – Antilock Brake System
ESC – Electronic Stability Control
TC – Traction Control
270 Amp Alternator
2010 Emissions Engine with DPF – Diesel Particular Filter
20,000lb Front Axle
69,000Lb Rear Tridem Axle
Diff Locks & Inter Axle Lock
Jacobs Brake W Selector Switch (3 Levels) & On/Off
90 Gallon Fuel Tank W/ 11 Gallon DEF

Fire Package Features:

Rosenbauer NH – 5000 LPM PTO driven Fire Pump
Dual Pressure & Pump and Roll Capability
High pressure Foam
4000 Imperial Gallon Water Tank, 20 IG Foam
1600 Foam Pro
Class 1 Pressure Governor
Two 1.5” (38mm) Pre-Connects
Three 2.5” (68mm) Pre-Connects
One 3”x4” Pre-connect
Front Ground Sweeps
Front Mounted TFT Bumper Turret
One 4” Direct Tank Fill
Rear and center consul Newton Electric Dump Valve
Whelen LED Light Package
360 Camera system