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Yellowhead County Engine/Tanker

Delivered July 2016 to Yellowhead County - Albert Bahri - Director of Protective Services

Rosenbauer Engine/Tanker
Rosenbauer Commander chassis w/60" cab and 24" raised roof, tandem axles
Cummins ISX 12L 500 HP engine
Allison EVS-4000 transmission
Hale RME 1500 IGPM Rear Mounted Pump
FoamPro 2002 foam system
Intakes: (2) 6", (1) 2.5"
Discharges: (2) 1.75" Front Bumper Preconnects, Deck Gun, (2) 2.5" hosebed, 2.5" rear and 4" LDH
3000 Gallon water tank with 30 Gallon foam cell
Audible Warning: Whelen
Optical Warning: Whelen, Freedom Bar and M Series Lightheads
Hosebed mounted electric ladder rack
Traffic Advisor on body sides
12V LED Browlights and Scene Lighting
Akron DeckMaster with wireless remote
Side dump chutes with dual controls