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Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority - Iron River Fire Dept.

Delivered May 17, 2012

Rosenbauer Mini Rescue-Pumper
Ford F550 2Dr 4WD with a 6.7L Deisel engine and a SelectShift 6 speed automatic transmission
!9,500 # GVW option
Darley 1-1/2 AGE pump with an 18HP Briggs & Stratton gas engine
Pump is rated to 120 US Gallons per minute at 120 PSI
350 Gallon Poly water tank with a Fire Research TankVision water level gauge
Inlets: (1) 65mm rear inlet
Discharges: (1) booster reel, (1) 38mm catwalk hosebed discharge, (1) 38mm rear discharge
Rosenbauer FX aluminum extruded body construction with (4) large compartments with ROM roll-up doors, and (2) smaller compartments with hinged doors in the 'high angle of departure' area
The forward compartments feature a hot water heater system to prevent medical response supplies from freezing
Scene lighting: (2) Fire Research Q65 LED scene lights on the sides of the body, (2) Fire Research Spectra Q15 12 volt LED telelights on either side of the front of the body
Audible Warning Package: Federal Signal PA-300R electronic siren with a DynaMax ES100 speaker
Optical Warning Package: Federal Signal 54" JetSolaris LED lightbar, (2) Federal Signal 9" x 7" upper rear QuadraFlare LED warning lights, (4) 4" x 6" QuadraFlare LED warning lights, and (4) Viper EXT warning lights on the brush guard

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