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Chestermere Fire Services Rescue

Delivered September 4, 2014

Rosenbauer Rescue
International 7400 4X4, 4dr chassis
Maxx Force 9 330 HP engine
#14,000 front axle
#26,000 rear axle
Rosenbauer NH 1000 pump
FRC InControl pressure governor
FoamPro / Rosenbauer FixMix foam systems
No Shok gauges
Intakes: (1) 6" rear steamer port, (1) auxilliary inlet
Discharges: (40 ground sweeps - each corner, (2) booster reels, (1) TFT bumper turret, (2) 1.5" (4) 2.5"
500 Gallon water tank
30 Gallon foam tank
Rosenbauer EXT extruded aluminum body construction
Safe Step comparments
Audible Warning: Whelen electric siren, SA315 spaker, (2) air horns
Optical Warning: Whelen FN60 VLED lightbar, Whelen rear upper warning, Whelen lower warning, Whelen scen lighting

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