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Marsden Fire Department Mini Rescue -
Rural Municipality of Manitou Lake, SK

Delivered May 6, 2013

Rosenbauer mini rescue
7,000 # front axle
13,500 # rear axle
Rosenbauer FX formed and extruded aluminum body construction
Walk in rescue
(4) Bostrom SCBA seats
Raven 5 kw generator
Federal signal VPX LED traffic advisor
Audible warning package: Federal Signal PA-300 electric siren, Federal Signal ES-100 speaker
Optical warning package: Federal Signal Jet Solaris LED lightbar,
Federal Signal QuadraFlare LED rear upper warning, Federal Signal
QuadraFLare Viper LED lower warning
Federal Research Q65 LED scene lights
200' cord reel
Federal Research Opti tripod telelights
Command Light CL605 light tower

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