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Didsbury Fire Dept. Custom Pumper

Delivered January 22, 2021 to Didsbury Fire Dept. - Fire Chief Curtis Mousseau

Rosenbauer Commander Chassis W/ 24” Raised Roof & 60” Cab
Cummins L-9 - 450 horsepower/1250 ft torque
Allison 3000 EVS Automatic Transmission
ABS – Antilock Brake System
ATC – Automatic Traction Control
ESC – Electronic Stability Control
20,000 Lb Parabolic Front Axle
31,000 Lb Hendrickson Firemaxx with kneeling
Rear Axle Diff Lock
Front Bumper Suction
Rosenbauer FX 1/8 Aluminum Body
Rosenbauer N Pump 6000 LPM Split shaft
1500 Gallon water tank with 50 IG foam tank
FR Pump Boss Pressure Governor
1.75 ” (45mm) Front Bumper Pre-Connect
Two 1.5” (65mm) Speed lays
2.5” (38mm) Crosslay
5” front bumper suction
Foam Pro 2002 foam system
Whelen LED Light Package
Traffic Advisor- Left, Right and Rear
12V Scene Lights Left, Right and Rear
Knight 2 Light Tower W/ 1000 Watts (80,000 Lumens) 12V

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