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Grande Cache Pumper - M.D. of Greenview

Delivered March 14, 2013

Rosenbauer Rear Mount Pumper
International 7400 4Dr 4x4
330 HP MaxxForce 9 engine
Allison EVS-3500 automatic transmission with deep reduction 1st and 2nd gear
14,000 # capacity front drive axle
23,000 rear axle capacity with standard leaf spring
Rosenbauer NH-55 normal and high pressure PTO driven pump rated to 5,000 Litres per minute with Pump & Roll capability
Fire Research InControl 400 electronic pressure governor and monitoring system
Rosenbauer FixMix high pressure foam system
Rosenbauer EZ-Foam 6 hydraulically driven foam system
INTAKES: (1) 150 mm steamer port at the rear with manual butterfly, (1) 65 mm auxiliary inlet at the rear
DISCHARGES: (1) high pressure booster reel in the RH cab step, high pressure TFT front bumper turret, and (4) 65 mm discharges
2,840 Litre poly water tank, 114 Litre foam cell, (1) 65 mm direct tank fill
Rosenbauer FX formed and extruded aluminum body construction
Onan 6kW hydraulic generator, (1) Akron electric cord reel, (2) 1000 W
Fire Research Focus telescoping scene lights
Federal Signal SMLED-PLS-8 Signal Master LED traffic direction light
Audible Warning Package: Federal Signal PA-300 electronic siren, Federal Signal ES-100 speaker, (1) under bumper air horn
Optical Warning Package: 60" Whelen UltraFreedom LED lightbar, (2)
Whelen L31H LED upper rear beacons, (8) Whelen M6 LED lower warning lights

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