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Prince George Custom Top Mount Pumper

Delivered May 28, 2013

Rosenbauer Custom Top Mount Pumper
Rosenbauer Commander 4000 long cab with 11" raised roof
370 HP Cummins ISL engine
Allison EVS-3000 automatic transmission
21,500 # front axle capacity
24,000 # rear axle capacity with Reyco spring suspension
Hinged medical cabinets thru cab side over front wheels
Multiplexed electrical system
Hale Q-MAX pump rated to 1,500 Imperial Gallons per minute
Fire Research TotalControl electronic pressure governor and monitoring system
FoamPro 1600 Class "A" foam system
Rosenbauer exclusive "Lever Bank" cable operated valve controls
Class 1 white on black pressure gauges
INTAKES: (2) 6" seamer ports, (2) 2.5" inlets, and (1) 4" LH inlet, and (1) RH rear inlet
DISCHARGES: (1) 1.5" front bumper trashline, (2) 1.5" speedlays, (3) 2.5" discharges, (2) 4" side discharges, and (1) deck monitor discharge (1) Akron Apollo 3433 Hi-Riser monitor
420 Imperial Gallon poly water tank with 42 Imperial Gallons of foam "A"
Rosenbauer EXT Heavy Duty extruded aluminum body construction
(3) wheel well breathing air bottle storage compartments
Rosenbauer's Lo-Pro hydraulic ladder rack, lowering the ladders to about 40" from the ground
Whelen TANF65 LED Traffic Advisor traffic directional light
Audible Warning Package: Deferal Signal mechanical "Q" siren, Whelen 295HFS electronic siren, Whelen SA-314 speaker, (2) air horns
Optical Warning Package: Federal Signal Vision SLR 8 pod split LED lightbar, Federal Signal MicroEscape upper rear LED beacons, (2) Federal Signal Viper EXT upper rear facing LED lights, (6) Whelen 900 red and amber rear mid and upper rear side LED warning lights, (8) Whelen 700 split red/white lower side LED warning lights, and (2) Whelen 700 red lower rear LED warning lights

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