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Williams Lake Indian Band Mini Pumper

Delivered September 30, 2014

Rosenbauer Mini Pumper
Ford F550 4dr, 4X4
#7000 front axle
#14,700 rear axle
Darley LSM 625 IGPM pump
Hale Foam Logix 2.1A foam system
Intakes: (2) 5" steamer ports
(2) 2.5" auxilliary inlets
Discharges: 1" X 150' rear compartment hose reel - electric rewind, (2) 1.5" crosslays, (3) 2.5"
300 Gallon water tank
20 Gallon foam tank
Audible Warning: Whelen electric siren, (10 100 wtt speaker
Optical Warning: Whelen Justice lightbar, Whelen LED rotator beacons, Whelen LINZ6 lower warning
Truck light LED scene lighting

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