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Yellowknife Fire Department Pumper Tanker

Delivered August 23, 2012

Rosenbauer Side Mount Pumper-Tanker
Freightliner M2-112 4Dr 2WD
18,000 # front axle capacity
31,000 # rear drive axle with leaf spring suspension
Waterous CXVK PTO driven pump rated to 4,000 Litres per minute
Fire Research InControl 400 electronic pressure governor
FoamPro 2001 10 LPM injection foam system
Waterous Pneumax 80-SP Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)
Innovative Control integrated pull handle controls and NoShok dual scale pressure gauges
Intakes: (2) 150 mm Steamer Ports with Akron 7960 electric master intake valves, (2) 65 mm auxiliary inlets - (1) each side
Discharges: (1) 38 mm front bumper preconnect, (2) 38 mm crosslays over the pump, (1) 65 mm crosslay over the pump, (4) 65 mm side discharges, and (1) 100 mm Storz discharge on the RH side
6,820 Litre (1,500 IG) poly water tank with 136 Litres (30 IG) of Foam "A", 100 mm Storz Direct Tank Fill, a 10" Newton Dump Chute at the rear, Fire Research TankVision tank level lights on the pump panel, and a Whelen PSTANK tank level light at the rear
Rosenbauer FX extruded aluminum body construction featuring (6) large storage compartments with ROM roll-up doors
Pike pole and attic ladder compartment above the RH side compartments
Ladder storage in the hosebed and Rosenbauer EZ-Climb folding rear access ladder
Wheel Chock compartment in the LH wheel well
Breathing Air (4) bottle storage in the RH wheel well
FireCOM wireless intercom system
Federal Signal back-up camera and monitor system
(6) Whelen M9 LED scene lights on the sides and rear of the apparatus
(2) telellights mounted to the front of the body with Whelen Pioneer LED scene lights
45" Whelen TANF85 Traffic Advisor directional traffic light
Audible Warning Package: Federal Signal PA-300 electronic siren, Federal Signal DynaMax ES100 speaker, and (2) air horns
Optical Warning Devices: 60" Whelen UltraFreedom LED lightbar, (2) Whelen L31H LED upper rear beacons, and (10) Whelen 600 series Super-LED lower warning lights

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