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Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority Pumpers

Delivered to Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority - Regional Fire Chief Jay Melvin

Fort Kent Fire Department- Delivered June 4, 2019
Glendon Fire Department- Delivered June 4, 2019
Bonnyville Fire Department- Delivered June 25, 2019
Cold Lake Fire Deparmtment- Delivered July 19, 2019
Ardmore Fire Department- Delivered July 19, 2019
Freightliner M2 106 2WD Crew Cab
Cummins L9 350 HP / 1000ft-lbs Torque
Allison 3000 EVS Automatic Transmission
ABS – Antilock Brake System
Traction Control & ESC
Remote Control West Coast Mirror w/Heat
Auxiliary Brake – VGT
Cruise Control
320 Amp Leece Neville Alternator
14,000lb Front Axle
27,000lb Rear Axle
Waterous CXVK Single Stage Fire Pump 1050 IGPM
PTO Drive Pump (Pump & Roll)
1000 Imperial Gallon Water Tank
FRC Pump Boss PBA400 Pressure Governor
Two (2) 6” Ungated Intakes Driver’s & Officer’s Side
Two (2) 2.5” (65mm) Front Bumper Intakes
Trident Air Primer
Two (2) Electric Rewind Cord Reels
Two (2) Speedlay Discharges 2.5”X 1.75” Ahead Pump Panel
Two (2) 3”-2.5”(65mm) Discharges Drivers Side
Two (2) 3”-2.5”(65mm) Discharges Officer’s Side
One (1) 3”-2.5”(65mm) Rear Right Discharge
One (1) 2.5”Direct Tank Fill (Fireman’s Friend)
Complete Whelen Light Package – Emergency, CMVSS & Grd.Lts.
Weldon V-MUX Multiplex Electrical System
FRC Three(3) Camera System Back-Up & Sides
Intercom System, Fire-Com 5100D Wireless
Two (2)Federal Signal “Rumblers”
Officer’s Digital Speedometer
Aux. Cab Heater 17,000BTU Espar Diesel Heater
Positive Air Shutdown
Pump Encl. Heater 27,300BTU Espar Diesel Heater
Compartment Provisions
Hydraulic Ladder Rack
Wheel Well Provisions
PTO Driven Hydraulic Generator Onan 6KW
Inverter, 3000W, 12V, Xantrex w/Trnsfr. Switch
Light Tower – Command Light Knight Series (6) Halogen 500W w/Backlight Option

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