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Hinton Fire Rescue & Fire Chief Mac de Beaudrap TME Rosenbauer Cutom Pumper Delivered June 8, 2022

Hinton Fire Rescue and fire Chief Mac de Beaudrap - TME Rosenbauer Custom Pumper Delivered June 8, 2022

Commander 4000 Chassis Features:

Rosenbauer Commander Chassis W/ 24” Raised Roof & 70” Cab
Cummins X-12 - 500 horsepower/1695 ft torque @ 1000 RPM
Allison 4000 EVS Automatic Transmission
ABS – Antilock Brake System
ATC – Automatic Traction Control
ESC – Electronic Stability Control
22,800 Lb Parabolic Front Axle
31,000 Lb Hendrickson FireMax Air Suspension with Kneeling
Rear Axle Diff Lock
On-Spot Auto Tire Chains
V-Mux Electrical System with Vista Displays
Weldon Vehicle Date Recorder
50 Gallon/ 189 L Fuel Tank
320 Amp Alternator

Fire Package Features:

Rosenbauer EXT Aluminum Body
Hale Midship Pump 1250 IGPM
1000 Gallon water tank with 30 Gallon Class A Foam Tank
FRC InControl TGA400 Pressure Governor
1.5 ” (38mm) Front Bumper Pre-Connect
Two 1.5” (38mm) Speedlays
Trident Auto Primer
3” Rear Hosebed Monitor, TFT Hurricane Monitor
Foam Pro 3012 foam system
Whelen Warning LED Light Package, Fire Research Scene Lights
Whelen Traffic Advisor
6 kw Hydraulic Generator
Command Light, Light Tower

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