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Tulita Fire Department TME Pumper

Delivered September 21, 2021 - Tulita Fire Department, Economic Development Officer Tom Tomczynski

Freightliner M2 106 2021 Model
Cummins L9 350 HP / 1000 lb-ft torque @ 1400 RPM
Allison 3000 EVS Automatic Transmission
ABS – Antilock Brake System
Exhaust Brake – (Turbo Brake)
Cruise Control (High Idle)
275 Amp Alternator
2010 Emissions Engine with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
50 Gallon (189L) Fuel Tank
14,700lb Front Axle
27,000Lb Rear Axle
Rosenbauer N 1250 IGPM PTO driven pump (Pump & Roll)
Rosenbauer 1/8” CT Aluminum Body
1000 Imperial Gallon Water Tank
Fire Research InControl 400 Pressure Governor
Trident Auto Primer
Sealed Lever Banks Operation Controls
Two 1.5” Speed Lays
Two 6” Steamer Ports – Two 2.5” Intakes
Four 2.5” Discharges – One Large Diameter Discharge
Whelen LED Warning/ Scene Light Package

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