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BearsPaw Separators - "The Portable Dry Hydrant"

  • BearsPaw Separator is a (Shallow Water – 4″- 6″ minimum) Suction Separator for fire pumps that instantly separates solids from liquids to avoid internal pump damage.

  • How does this New Technology work in the Shallows? During the suction process, sediment, sand, etc. are instantly separated from the water at source, allowing clean water to flow to the pump while returning the sediment, sand, etc. to nature. 

  • Bonus: Higher flows – the BearsPaw Separator technology is less restrictive than typical suction strainers, so in addition to the superior pump protection and wider versatility, pumps do not have to work as hard to produce required flows. 

  • No flotation or suspension is required as the Separator is designed to rest on the bottom in gravel & sand while functioning at capacity and protecting the pump.

  • This level of ‘Advanced Pump Protection’ is not possible with (old tech) suction strainers.

  • Weeds are also no challenge when the Fire Ceptor is fitted with the optional V-Guard.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee gives you the confidence to try it without hesitation.

The BearPaw Separator makes Rural and Wildland drafting easier because you can draft at the shoreline in the shallows and in the weeds rather than having to locate deep water and try to avoid the weeds.

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