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FoxFury’s mission is simple - we exist to keep people safe. Our premium lighting tools are designed with speed and durability in mind so they shine brightly in the most extreme environments where you need them most.


We provide unique solutions and possibilities for dozens of applications in the fire, law enforcement, industrial, forensics, and drone industries. Depending on what FoxFury product you have and how you came to find us, you may only think of FoxFury as a lighting provider for your industry, but we do so much more.


At FoxFury, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with lighting solutions from A to Z. We aren’t just a helmet light company or a scene light company or a drone light company or a shield light company. We are a solutions provider, bringing you innovative lighting technology to meet every need and keep you safe.

See wider. See further. See better. These rugged lights provide hands-free illumination in all-weather conditions and deliver bright panoramic lighting. They are designed for use on safety helmets (including hard hats and firefighter helmets), on a cap, or directly on the forehead.


FoxFury's wide-angle LED headlamps and helmet lights provide panoramic lighting for immediate situation assessment. A highly visible rear flashing LED in the battery pack can be seen from over 1 mile away.


FoxFury Headlamp / Helmet Lights are professional grade lighting tools that provide spot and flood lighting. They are powered by (4) AA batteries (not included). Rechargeable units come with a rechargeable NiMH battery and AC plug adaptor.


True To Life™ Technology - New LED technology allows you to see colors more accurately.


Panoramic Lighting - The only headlamp on the market with a panoramic design. See wider for better situational assessment.


Rugged Design - Durable & tough, these lights are waterproof, meet NFPA requirements and fit most U.S. safety helmets and firefighter helmets.


A front light bar and rear battery pack evenly distribute the weight of the light from side to side and front to back. This prevents the light from tilting forward or leaning sideways. Adjustable tilt models allow the light bar to be aimed up or down to best illuminate the work area and to reduce the blinding of others. Different modes adjust the light intensity based on what the immediate situation requires.


When used with a flexible elastic strap (included in some models), this light can be worn as a headlamp on a ball cap or forehead. When used with the silicone strap (included), the light grips on to safety helmets, including hard hats. It also can be worn on most traditional and modern style firefighter helmets (including US style firefighter helmets utilizing goggles, visors and Bourkes eye protection).


These headlamp / helmet lights are a versatile lighting tool for industrial professionals and first responders along with recreational enthusiasts, home projects and emergency response to blackouts and severe weather.

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