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New Minas Fire Department, Cobra Aerial

New Minas, NS Cobra Aerial – Fire Chief James Redmond, Delivered November 18, 2022.

Rosenbauer Commander Custom Chassis w/ Flat Roof
Cummins X15 engine w/ 600 HP and 1850 ft-lbs of torque
Allison EVS-4000 automatic transmission
ABS – Automatic Braking System
ATC – Automatic Traction Control
ESC – Electronic Stability Control
Jacobs Compression Brake
2021 Emissions with DPF, SCR, and DEF
24,000# Hendrickson SteerTek front Axle
63,000# Meritor tandem axles
Tandem Interaxle Lock
257 Litre fuel tank

Rosenbauer FX 3/16” Aluminum Body Construction
Waterous CSU 1750 I.G.P.M. fire pump
Fire Research InControl 400 Pressure Governor
FoamPro 2001 Class “A” foam injection system
400 Imperial Gallon Water Tank, 16.5 I.G. Foam Tank
Trident Air Primer
(1) 1.5” (38 mm) front bumper discharge – foam capable
(2) 1.5” (38 mm) crosslays – foam capable
(2) 2.5” (65 mm) LH side discharges
(1) 2.5” (65 mm) RH side discharge
(1) 5” Storz (125 mm) RH discharge
(1) 4” x 5” Storz (125 mm) Aerial Discharge / Inlet
Whelen Siren and LED Warning Light package
Akron Revel 12 Volt scene lights

101’ three-section aerial platform
8’ Articulating Jib in the Fly Section
Able to put the platform to the ground while ladder is still bedded
Hot Dipped Galvanized chassis frame, torque box, outriggers and ladder sections
Rosenbauer’s Smart Aerial Technology with intuitive Joystick operations
Capable of operating over the Short-Jacked side
All Jacks Up feature
1000# Platform Tip Load Capacity – DRY
500# Platform Tip Load Capacity – WET
Akron 3486 StreamMaster II Platform Monitor w/AVM
Akron AVM (Aerial Valve Manifold) with 2.5” Discharge
Atkinson Dynamics Intercom System
Side Hosebed Access Door with removable access step

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