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Salmon Arm 104' Rosenbauer Cobra Platform

Salmon Arm 104' Rosenbauer Cobra Platform, delivered April 28, 2022 - Salmon Arm Fire Rescue & Fire Chief Brad Shirley

Rosenbauer Commander Custom Chassis
Flat Roof
Cummins X12 505 HP / 1800lb-ft torque
Allison 4000 EVS Automatic Transmission
ABS – Antilock Brake System
TC - Traction Control
ESC – Electronic Stability Control
Cummins Engine Compression Brake
2010 Emissions Engine with DPF and DEF
24,000lb Front and 63,000Lb Rear Axles
Interaxle Lock and Diff Lock
68 Gallon Fuel Tank (257)

Fire Package Features:
Rosenbauer FX Body
Waterous S100C20C 1750 IGPM Water Pump
FRC PumpBoss TGA300 Pressure Governor
Two 1.5” (38mm) Crosslay Discharges
One 2.5” (65mm) Crosslay Discharge
One1.5” (38mm) Front Bumper Discharge
500 IG Water Tank
Trident Automatic Primer
Whelen LED Warning Light Package
Akron Revel 12v Scene Lights
4” Rear Aerial Inlet/ Discharge

Cobra Aerial Features:
104’ Rosenbauer Four Section Rear Mount Platform
Galvanized Torque Box
Rosenbauer Smart Aerial Technology W/Joystick Controls
Short Jacking Capability
Auto Level & All Jacks Up Feature
1000 LB Platform Capacity Dry - TIP
500 LB Platform Capacity Wet - TIP
3480 Stream Master Monitor for Platform
Akron VUM – Valve Under Monitor W/ (1) 2.5” Discharge
Intercom System
Whelen PFH1P1B Pioneer Tip Lights

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