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Willis Point Rosenbauer Pumper

Willis Point Fire Department, CRD, Fire Chief Art Wynans - Delivered June 13, 2023


Freightliner M2 106
4 Door Cab
Cummins L9 330 HP / 1000 lb-ft torque
Allison 3500 EVS Automatic Transmission
Antilock Brake System, Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control
2010 Emissions Engine with DPF and DEF
275 Amp Alternator
14,600lb Front Axle
27,000Lb Rear Axle

Rosenbauer N 5000 LPM 1050IGAL PTO drive fire pump
Pump and Roll Capability
Trident Air Primer
Side Mount pump operator’s panel
1000 Imperial Gallon water tank (4542 L)
FoamPro 1600 with 20 Imperial Gallon tank (91 L)
FRC “PumpBoss” Pressure Governor
Two 1.5” (38mm) Crosslays
One 2.5” (65mm) LH discharge
Two 3” (77mm) and 4” Storz (100mm) RH discharges
One 2.5” (65mm) Rear Discharge
One 3” (77mm) deck gun discharge (preplumbed only)
One 2.5” (65mm) Direct Tank Fill

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