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1998 75’ Quint Anderson/Smeal Aerial

Stock Number PEV1781

1998 75’ Quint Anderson/Smeal
Stock Number PEV1781
Hale QSMG-175-235 pump - 1500
IGPM @ 150 PSI, 1050 IGPM @ 200
PSI, 750 IGPM @ 250 PSI
Hale FoamLogic Electric Foam
Proportioning System
400 imperial gallon water tank with two
(2) foam tanks
Two (2) 2-1/2” front trashlines
One (1) 1-3/4” front trashline
One (1) 100’ 1-3/4” hose bumper storage
One (1) 50’ 1-3/4” hose bumper storage
Driver’s side pump panel with lights, Akron electric valve controls, water level gauge and tower flow meter
One (1) 4” driver’s side suction
One (1) driver’s side foam pickup
One (1) 5” rear suction
One (1) 6” rear steamer port
One (1) 5” passenger side discharge
One (1) 6” passenger side steamer port
Two (2) 2-1/2” transverse
Two (2) 1-3/4” transverse
One (1) discharge with monitor and an
Akromatic 2000 Electric Stream nozzle on aerial
Carson SA-400 siren
Whelen rear traffic advisor
Cab roof mounted lightbar
NFPA compliant 360  lighting
Ground lights
Eleven (11) scene lights
Spartan Auto Charge 3500 battery charger
Electric cord reel with outlet box in rear compartment
NFPA compliant ground ladders
Current CVIP
ULC certified
Current Aerial Ladder testing certification
Mileage approximately 70,000 kmsSpartan chassis
Seating for six (6) with two (2) SCBA seats
Detroit 12.7L diesel engine
Automatic transmission
Air conditioning
Console with document storage
23,333 GWVR
Air brakes with engine retarder, ABS and mud and snow traction
Power mirrors
Tilt steering
Smeal aerial ladder
500 lbs. load capacity
75 ft vertical height, 75 ft horizontal reach
Roof aerial controls
Four (4) driver’s side compartment with roll up doors, shelving and one (1) roll out tray in R4
Four (4) passenger side compartments with roll up doors and shelving
One (1) rear compartment with ladder storage and roll out tray
SCBA brackets
Outriggers with rear controls
Rear tow eyes
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